salestrip sfa

Salestrip® SFA

Salestrip Pharma Sales Force Automation also known as MR Reporting Software is an all-inclusive tool for the pharma sales teams using which they can keep live track on sales collaboration and functions, customer relationship management (CRM) ,online surveys for HCPs/Chemist, sample management, brand detailing, sales performance dashboards and other similar information. They can also integrate it with other software and modules and customise it to derive maximum utility of the software.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Salestrip SFA possesses an array of customisable features using which decision-makers can fulfill business requirements in the nook of time.

Leave Management

It helps designate authorities to manage leave programs efficiently ensuring that the leaves are managed effectively and the same are accurately tracked.

Doctor Management

Managing all appointments with doctors and doctor's birthday or anniversary reminder feature enables you to make a healthier relationship with your prospects.

Order Management

Empowers companies to manage the personal orders booking. Check online schemes and retailers order history and tracking of monthly targets of a field representative.

Sales Management

Manage Stock Statement of Stockist to calculate primary and secondary sales reports, Customer reports, shows top-bottom analysis of Products, HQ’s, States, and Employees.

Tour Programme

Route Tour Programme, Joint Work Planning, Tour Plan Approvals, and Schedule Meetings, Campaigns, Conferences & allied activities.

Daily Call Report

Reduce paper work with e-DCR, maintain daily visits and surveys of doctors and retailers and report real-time via mobile check-in facility.

Expense Management

Stop wasting time in preparing excel sheets, Your field force can save their time in preparing expense approved, forwarding to the finance team etc. We have automated everything.

Sample & Gift Management

Tracking of distribution & balance samples and gifts stocks, yet to be distributed, can be effectively handled with ease. Manage requisitions and ensure timely distribution of gifts and samples.