Salestrip Engage - E-detailing

Salestrip® Engage

Salestrip Engage transforms the way of presenting and sharing content to HCPs. It helps to engage your targeted customers through developing personalised customer-centric presentations. Salestrip Engage provides the capabilities to Plan your Remote Meeting, F2F meetings and e-Detail interactive content to HCPs.

Here is how Salestrip Engage Empower the Sales Reps

It helps in achieving higher quality interactions

Salestrip e-detailing is a user-friendly tool designed for the pharmaceutical and Medtech industries that empowers your customer-facing teams to track every interaction, so you continually improve your engagements. It gives you the facility to modify and re-publish the content easily in the faster-changing markets. With Salestrip e-detailing tool, you don’t need to wait on presentations to load. Everything is right at your fingertips, even when you are working offline, Once downloaded at your local device.

Engaging Presentations

Salestrip Engage Remote Meeting tool facilitates the sales team to meet the customers wherever and whenever it suits them. With Salestrip Remote, you run fully compliant remote e-detailing meetings with HCPs, other customers on the device of their choice. They can join via a link, and you broadcast your content, capturing all data on views, clicks and actions.

Analyze and Adjust

Analyzing and reporting becomes an effortless job with Salestrip as the navigation path, HCP’s reactions and material viewed, all can be fed into the CRM system. Messages can be adjusted for relevancy, based on the feedback provided.

Targeted Message and Current Materials

With Sales Automation Solution, it becomes easy to serve the right content to the right customer. New and updated closed-loop marketing material such as video and sales aid is automatically pushed to the top and the old content is pushed to the expired list.

Improves the Physician’s Experience

Salestrip’s integrated CLM lets field representative share information that are tailored according to the preferences of the physician. Physicians can get concise and precise information about anything they needed.