What is Sales Force Automation Software?

Sales Force Automation software is an all-inclusive tool for the sales teams using which they can keep live track on sales collaboration and functions, live customer relationship management (CRM) which may include talks over phone, emails, chats, etc. Lead generation strategies and investments, sales representative data, and other similar information. They can also integrate it with other software and modules and customise it to derive maximum utility of the software.

Successful business management calls for simplified procedures, integrated in-house communication system, updated sales records at real-time, bridging the buyer-seller gap and all these at a cost-efficient price. Sales Force Automation (SFA) software is a comprehensive database platform that facilitates the organisational leaders to monitor, supervise and manage all aspects of their business in order to frame workable strategies and achievable targets in the future. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the software possesses an array of customisable features using which decision-makers can fulfil business requirements in the nook of time.

Features of SFA Software

What Can SFA Software Do For You?

Contact Management

Contacts are the pillar of the entire organisation and not just the sales department. The SFA database serves as a repository of contact details of all customers and leads. From emails, to phone numbers to social media profile and other related data, the software stores all such information against individual names.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

By installing an SFA, organisations can quickly integrate their inventory and order division with the other departments. This gives them more insights on current stock of products, commodities which have been ordered by customers, items out for delivery and inventory which will arrive from the suppliers.

Customer & Leads Management

The dynamic software maintains real-time record of past customer communication; lead generation efforts and campaigns along with purchase history, frequency and behaviour of loyal customers. It also enables the sales representatives to prioritise their regular tasks while giving more space to their supervisors in exercising control, direction and monitoring through this system.

Reports & Analytics

All reports pertaining to customer-centric activities, lead generation campaigns and tasks and performance records of field representatives, as undertaken over a time period, are displayed at real-time by the Field Force Automation solution. The graphical images in the reports make it more interactive while delivering the relevant information as requested by the user.

Flexible Hosting Model

Saas hosting model makes it feasible to update any information from anywhere and anytime. Users can access the portal from their personal e-devices and fetch or submit the required data without the help of additional infrastructure.

Mobile SFA

Another unique aspect of this software is its Mobile Sales Force automation. The software quickly integrates on all mobile screens irrespective of the size and model; thereby helping users to access the Sales Force Solution on-the-go.

Benefit of SFA Solution

SFA reduces time, effort and resources of an organisation. As a better substitute to heaps of file and paper works, it ensures smooth functioning of all activities, proper delegation of tasks upon the responsible shoulders and real-time updates of the sales team at the grass-root level. Thus, it helps to streamline all business activities and stay connected round-the-clock.

Mobile SFA delivers enhanced connectivity through remote accessibility. Professionals from all departments can stay together at the same platform and keep a track on current status of any sales activity.

With all the above features, the organisation takes a step ahead in bonding with its customers, making optimum utilisation of its leads and driving best possible efforts in turning leads into customers. Therefore, there are quicker conversion rates, which points at higher sales figures in the short-run.

Lastly, the Field Force Automation software directly connects the field professionals to the top decision-makers of the company by means of online reporting, performance insights and real-time sales activities. Also, a close analysis of the reports takes the strategies towards their future course of action. Overall, it is flexible, user-friendly and cost-efficient solution.