Salestrip® SFA is a best in class MR Reporting Software that enables you to have unrestricted connectivity with your field force.

The Salestrip SFA is a comprehensive Sales Force Automation & Effectiveness Software (MR Reporting Software) specially designed to automate the execution, management and monitoring of sales and marketing activities of Pharma industry and power the field sales with meaningful insights that allows to make more calls, sell more products, and record what’s happening in the field at a flick of a switch.

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Explore The Amazing Features

Manage everything in one app

Customer Management

  • Doctor Creation Request
  • Chemist Creation Request
  • Doctor Business Analysis
  • Doctor Matrix

Strategic Planning

  • Standard Tour Plan
  • Monthly Tour Plan
  • Weekly Call Plan
  • Daily Call Plan

Marketing Activities

  • Daily Call Report
  • Personal Order Booking
  • Leave Management
  • Campaign Management

Marketing Process Automation

  • Expense Management
  • Stock & Sales Management
  • Approval Matrix Workflow
  • Notification & Alerts

Sales Survey Tool

  • RCPA
  • Online Survey
  • Online Employee Quiz
  • Customer Analysis

Productive Joint Field Work

  • In-Clinic Effectiveness
  • Joint Field Coaching
  • My Team Dashboard
  • Joint Working Feedback

Better Customer Engagement

  • Interactive E-detailing Visual Ads
  • Link Product Detailing with DCR
  • Customer Focus Brand Setting
  • Brand Detailing & Outcomes
  • Offline E-Detailing Mode

Mobility Features

  • User Friendly Interface
  • MPIN/ Fingerprint Login Access
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Geofencing Geotagging

Compliance & Validations

  • Approval Matrix Workflow
  • TP Submission Deadline
  • Auto DCR Locking System
  • Set Min. Doctor/Chemist Calls


Get ready to work better, faster, and productive



Reduce the carbon footprints by centrally storing all the information digitally. Go greener and save the environment.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Foster better customer relationship by keeping the team connected with needed data in the real-time.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Bridge the communication between manager and field staff with sheer transparency.



Schedule visits based on geo-location. Field force tracking and automation with geo-tagging, route optimization and visit planning. .

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

The impeccable integration feature let you integrate sales force automation solution with the ERP/SCM system of the company.

Fully Configurable

Fully Configurable

Implementation specialist will assist you to configure the system the way you want it from the start. Updates to the system are typically free.

Analytics & Reports

Analytics & Reports

Gain insight of your lead-to-customer cycle, generate role-based report and gain real-time insight of your sales pipeline.



Utilize the tools that are available to you on electronic devices and reduce the compliance risks by switching to paperless medium.

Mobile SFA

Mobile SFA

Sync data in real-time using GPRS/3G/4G and manage all the tasks without hassle with robust apps for Android and iOS devices.


Explore! What Salestrip Can Do For You?

Salestrip SFA

Salestrip® SFA

Salestrip Pharma SFA also known as MR Reporting Software is an all-inclusive tool for the pharma sales field force using which they can keep live track on sales collaboration and functions, customer relationship management (CRM) ,online surveys for HCPs/Chemist, sample management, brand detailing, sales performance dashboards and other similar information.

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Salestrip Engage

Salestrip® Engage

Salestrip Engage transforms the way of presenting and sharing content to HCPs. It helps to engage your targeted customers through developing personalised customer-centric presentations. Salestrip Engage provides the capabilities to Plan your Remote Meeting, F2F meetings and e-Detail interactive content to HCPs.

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Salestrip Engage
Salestrip Learning

Salestrip® Learning

Salestrip Learning accelerates skill development on the go. In the era of cut-throat competition, sales reps don't have enough time to add new skills. To fulfil the skill gap and enhance the knowledge in the field, Salestrip Learning Module provides a tool to learn and add new skills anytime, anywhere.

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Salestrip Human

Salestrip® Human

Salestrip Human is an integrated HR & Payroll Management system managing hassle-free salary processes, bonuses, incentives, deductions, and investments. It helps to configure customised leave policy, manage employee loans and advance. Employees can download monthly salary slips, view their leave balance With the help of ESS (Employee Self Service Portal) on the go.

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Salestrip Analytics

Salestrip® Analytics

Salestrip Analytics is an integrated Business Analytical Tool with capabilities to identify, understand, and predict trends and outcomes. Salestrip Analytics provide functionality that supports discovery, diagnostic and predictive exercises enabling organisations to build future business strategies based on historical data.